Another Talks : Kuwait and Philippines Reach Agreement on Domestic Workers

Kuwait and the Philippines have begun discussions to close the gap in response to the rapidly worsening shortage of domestic workers, which has been exacerbated by Sri Lanka’s revision of recruitment prices. Al-Jarida learned from reliable sources, that officials from both nations are looking to meet at the table for dialogue to find a common ground. The goal is to facilitate the return of new domestic workers to Manila, especially with the upcoming Ramadan month, when demand for these services typically surges.

According to sources, the discussions will take place virtually using platforms such as “Zoom”. Bassam Al-Shammari is an expert on domestic labor affairs and told Al-Jarida Kuwaiti government agencies including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior and the Public Authority for Manpower are currently reviewing the Philippine request to resume operations. The negotiations will take place through virtual meetings, rather than traditional delegations.

Al-Shammari stressed the need for a swift and serious response from the government to finalize the discussions held last month in Kuwait. The discussions were positive, but Manila insisting on the labor shelters set up by its embassy is a challenge.

Al-Shammari warned that a labor shortage crisis would be imminent in Kuwaiti over the next two months unless the government quickly addressed obstacles hindering local recruiting offices. These offices are crucial in bringing in workers who can meet the needs and demands of citizens. He said that about 200,000 Filipino domestic employees make up 50 percent of Kuwait’s total domestic workforce. This highlights their importance to both Kuwaiti families and expatriate ones due to their high education levels and ease of communication.

Source Arabtimes

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