What Will Happen If You Don’t Done The Biometric?

In a recent announcement, a source from Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior debunked rumors about travel restrictions for expatriates who have not undergone fingerprinting. The source confirmed that this procedure is not required for expatriates to re-enter the country.

The Ministry clarified, contrary to rumors, that expatriates who do not submit to fingerprinting will not be allowed to enter Kuwait after the deadline that is set to begin in June. The source stressed the appropriateness of the timeframe and assured that citizens and residents have ample opportunity to comply.

The source emphasized the procedural aspect by stating that expatriates who hadn’t been fingerprinted will be required to do it upon their return to Kuwait. The fingerprinting can be done at the airport, or at designated centers located in the six governorates in Kuwait. This includes shopping centers.

The Ministry also stressed that the biometric fingerprinting is a once-off requirement that generates digital records to aid security services verifying the identities of individuals. It also serves as a measure to prevent the entry of banned or deported individuals into the country.

The clarification is intended to ease concerns among expatriates, and ensure smooth travel procedures according to the Ministry’s instructions.

Source Arabtimes Kuwait 

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