Unauthorised Restaurant in Kuwait Serves Alcohol and Pork, Leading to Detention of Eight Foreign Nationals

In a significant bust by Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior, eight foreign nationals have been detained on suspicion of operating an unlicensed restaurant within a residential premises. Notably, the establishment was serving its patrons with both alcoholic beverages and pork, which are forbidden in the predominantly Muslim nation.

The discovery came to light during the Ministry of Interior’s regular oversight and heightened search and investigative operations. A dedicated team from the Criminal Investigation and Licensing Department was subsequently formed, equipped with the necessary legal mandates to arrest those responsible for this illicit venture.

Authorities, during their investigation, confiscated a significant 218 kilogrammes of pork products. Additionally, a staggering number of alcoholic beverages were seized, which comprised 489 locally distilled liquor bottles, 54 jars containing alcohol, and 10 imported bottles of liquor. Such vast quantities indicate that the illegal operation may have been running for a considerable duration and potentially catering to a sizable clientele.

The Food and Nutrition Public Authority took charge of the seized commodities. Besides confiscating the items, the Authority imposed fines for offering these prohibited services to customers. This substantial find underscores the risks some are willing to take in contravention of Kuwaiti laws and also highlights the vigilance of Kuwait’s law enforcement agencies.

Such incidents are pertinent reminders of the cultural and legal sensitivities surrounding alcohol and pork consumption in Muslim-majority countries. In Kuwait, alcohol consumption, possession, and trafficking are prohibited and can lead to severe punishments, including imprisonment. Similarly, the sale or consumption of pork is also forbidden due to religious beliefs.

Authorities have urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities, reiterating that they will not hesitate to take legal action against those who violate the nation’s laws and cultural norms.

Source Arabtimes Kuwait

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