Expats allowed to seek part-time jobs in 2015

Para kumita ng extra kailangan mag part timer pero minsan may mga company na pinagbawal ang mag trabaho sa ibang company kahit tapos ka na sa iyong trabaho or sa yong working hours.

Kung matuloy etoh maganda para sa ating mga ofw sipag lang.

According to Kuwaittimes Foreigners working in the private sector will be allowed to seek part-time jobs in other companies starting from the beginning of the new year, a government official said. The current labor law allows firms to hire part-timers, but local authorities have yet to open this door for foreigners who could be looking for an additional way to make money or practice a certain profession outside of their work hours legally. This will change in less than a month, when the Manpower Public Authority adopts new controls and conditions to organize this process, General Director Jamal Al-Dousary said in a recent official statement issued by the MPA.

Expatriates working in the public sector already have the right to seek part-time jobs in the private sector or nongovernmental organizations under the Civil Service Commission’s law without restrictions. Many expatriates already work part time in the private sector informally. The new provision will legalize this and may also encourage more foreigners to take up part-time work, thus adding to the labor market without adding to the number of foreigners living in Kuwait.

Good Luck sa atin lahat ! Sa tinging niyo okey ba ang batas na etoh?

Via Kuwaittimes


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