Beware of new ways of stealing cars!

Hindi lang sa pinas uso ang carnap pati sa kuwait meron na rin pala.

In a distinctive way of stealing car, one Indian national today lost his Land cruiser Prado in front of his eyes near Doha motorway in Sulaibhikat. The Indian was driving his white color Prado with plate number 9/55110 to Doha entertainment city area when a Nissan car hit his back side near the signal. The owner stopped the car and alighted from the driver’s seats to confront the accident. To his utter shock, one person from the Nissan car which hit his car on the back got down and within seconds he got into the Prado and speed away along with the other car.
Since it happened in the foggy morning today, not much detail could be gathered about the other car. A police case is registered with the nearest police station. The plate number of his car is 9/55110. Any information about the car can be infromed to 97474567 or 66323952.

Via : indiansinkuwait

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