No wild animals, dogs on beaches or public places to be arrested

I think araw araw nalang lagging may bagong law na lumalabas sa Kuwait ,Just read this news from Kuwait times,

Malamang ginawa nila etoh dahil na rin ciguro etoh sa balita duon sa kabayan na nakagat ng alagang lion at namatay.

Kung sinu yung may mga alagang aso dyan naku benta niyo na baka ma confiscate pa yan.

According to Maj Gen Abdul Fattah Al-Ali has issued an order to all policemen to arrest anyone with wild dogs or wild animals, whether they are citizens or expatriates. He said the order is in response to popular demand after the spread of feral dogs in crowded areas and jogging tracks beside beaches, and instructed security officers to deal with any complaints in this regard. No wild animals or wild dogs can now be taken to beaches or public places, as some people are taking these animals to brag and scare people. The owners will be taken to the police station and the animal will be confiscated.

Some dog owners give comments on their side about the said law.

Alinka Lisyk, a bulldog owner, was upset. “He deported many humans, now he wants to deport dogs! This is not fair,” she exclaimed. “It’s really sad to read such things. Since they didn’t specify any breeds, I bet they will consider my dog ‘King Charles’ a wild dog. I love walking my dogs in this season by the seaside. It’s frustrating. This was really one of the best getaways. Now even our dogs won’t enjoy Kuwait,” she added.

“My dog is a small one, but they should find a solution or an investor to build a pet park near the seaside,” said dog-owner Raghda Al-Saaed. “For 7 years, I have been walking my husky by the beach and in my neighborhood. And it is kind to those who are kind to him. This is one law that many will not follow for sure,” believed Amber Wilkinson.

Abduallah Fakhri was furious. “Now where do I take my dog? I’ve been in Kuwait for 18 years and I’m thinking of leaving because of this. Every head of the ministry wants to be famous these days by increasing fuel prices, issuing new rules for expats, visit visa for KD 100 and now dogs!”

Via : Kuwaitimes


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