[VIDEO] How to check if you are banned to travel from Kuwait Using Civil ID

This is the continuation of the article posted yesterday regarding Not paying your bill can land you to jail or be deported . We received lots of inquiry on how to check your status in Kuwait using your Civil ID card.

Check out below video:


And below are the steps and Links.

  1. Just CLICK HERE ( You will directly transfer to http://www.e.gov.kw/ website.)
  2. On the blank field provide your CIVIL ID numbers.
  3. Arabic message will appear ( لا يوجد أوامر منع سفر خاصة بهذه البطاقة المدنية ) copy the whole Arabic words  and go to Google to translate.Click Here if your don’t have travel ban  this message will come out ( There is no travel ban orders especially in this civil ID ) well mabrook 🙂
    But if you have below message on the photo will appear
    ,then settle you unpaid bills.

Good luck Kabayan! Please share

Good luck Kabayan! Please share to everyone.


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