Only in Kuwait the term for switching the visa of the domestic helper is (Maid for sale)

Below an article written by Talal Al Ghannam, a Managing Editor at Kuwait News Agency (KUNA),and a columnist at Kuwaitimes Mr. Talal articles mostly tackles about the plights of expatriates living and working in this small yet rich country – the State of Kuwait.

Only in Kuwait 7


by Talal Alghannam

Only in Kuwait it is like hell for the domestic helper to change her or his sponsor if he or she is not satisfied.

Only in Kuwait housekeeping recruitment offices beat the domestic helper in order to force her to remain obedient to her sponsor no matter what the situation in the sponsor’s house is.

Only in Kuwait a domestic worker has no one hour of rest and is forced to do multiple chores as if she is a blender (10-in-one).

Only in Kuwait a domestic worker can be very sick and bed-ridden and forced to work by giving her only a Panadol.

Only in Kuwait the term for switching the visa of the domestic helper is (Maid for sale). Fear Allah sponsors who do that.

Only in Kuwait sponsors do not abide by the contract pertinent to the employment of domestic helpers and deprive them their one-day holiday, one hour of rest during the day, mobile for family communication and most importantly a smile and a nice treatment.

Only in Kuwait a public transport bus drivers on the fast lane racing with his peers to reach the destination fast and get a bonus from work for punctual timing. Only in Kuwait buses are pelted by youngsters putting the lives of the passengers in danger.

Only in Kuwait police stations can be a nightmare for some domestic helpers who go to file law suits against their sponsors and once they reach there to do so they are kicked out of the apparatus where the case they seek to file would turn against them by the sponsor who allege that the maid has escaped and stole the sponsor’s belongings.

Only in Kuwait some sponsors teach their kids to disrespect the maid by insulting them or be sarcastic about her color or nationality.

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