Kuwait Arrested Terrorist foils planned terror attack in Kuwait

Three terror plots planned by Islamic State terror group have been foiled in Kuwait, the country’s Interior Ministry said. Several pre-emptive raids inside and outside Kuwait ended in the arrests of militants.

The Interior Ministry said on Sunday it foiled three terrorist plots targeting the country’s security by directing three pre-emptive raids inside and outside Kuwait against terrorist elements of the so-called Daesh,” said a statement published by KUNA news agency. Daesh is the Arabic acronym for Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

The statement did not offer any further details, so the nationality, identity and number of those arrested remains unclear.


But according to Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida, one of the suspects, a Kuwaiti national, had been plotting to blow up a mosque and a ministerial building during Ramadan or Eid Al-Fitr.

Another man and his mother are accused of joining ISIS in Syria and getting involved in their oil and gas affairs as well as educating the terrorists’ wives and children, Al Jarida reports. The third case relates to two more men who were found to have munitions belonging to or meant for the terror group.

The suspects were taken to the competent authorities, the daily said.

Via : RT

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