Maid Rapist Arrested Serves 91 Years in Jail

A rape report led police to arrest a suspect wanted to serve several sentences with a total jail time of 91 years and eight months.

Investigations had went underway after police received a complaint from the Philippines Embassy about a rape case against a number of Filipina nationals.

Embassy officials told police that an unknown person would contact people who offer to relinquish the services of their Filipina domestic helpers.

He would then agree with the employer to take the maid for a trial period, but would instead sexually assault the maid and escape, according to the embassy’s complaint.

Investigations led police to identify the suspect as 30-year-old Raed Waleed Mayouf, Kuwaiti, who was arrested inside furnished apartment in Mahboulah.

The man was taken to the proper authorities for further action. On that regard, the Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department released a statement, urging the public to contact certified domestic help offices only to hire or return maids.

Via : Kuwaitimes 


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