OFW Buys Balut in The Philippine, Turned Into Live Ducks When He Reached Kuwait

Although some mind finds it unfavorable to eat, there are still a lot of Filipinos who love to eat Balut.

But when this Overseas Filipino Worker saw the Balut that he bought in the Philippines, he got the shock of his life.

When Gio Miranda went to the Philippines, he bought a tray of balut and took it to Kuwait. After all, he loves to eat this delicacy.

The OFW asked the seller for a fresh balut and not the cooked one so he can take it abroad. However, when Gio opened the package upon arriving in Kuwait. He was shocked to see live ducks.

Soon, Gio named the 6 ducks. The OFW also jokingly said that even ducks also need to work abroad.

The Tiktok video of the OFW garnered hundreds of views

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