LOOK : Soter Body Scanner Device Launched At The Kuwait International Airport

The General Administration of Customs launched the Soter body scanner device at the Kuwait International Airport Terminal — a distinct and modern equipment to check passengers who attempt to smuggle into the country contraband hidden in sensitive places in their bodies or under their clothes.

The Director-General of the General Administration of Customs Khaled Al- Saif said there is a plan to update all the security services at the border ports and Kuwait Airport.

He also stressed that the installation of the device is the first and many more are expected to be installed at the airport “to deter smugglers from smuggling the contraband in a crooked manner, sometimes by hiding it in sensitive parts of the body.” He added, the installation of such devices will also lessen the pressure on the inspectors and allow for speedy completion of Customs procedures.

Check out the Video of Soter Body Scanner Device

Source (s) Arabtimes|mdegrootentermed

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