What To Do ? No Day Off Nor Public Holiday For Past One Year

Below is an email from Filipino Netizen on their Legal Clinic Section website.

I am a Filipino citizen, I have been working in Kuwait for 5 years now. I want to share my problem and I hope you can give me advice.

I worked four years in one company as a salesman and after that I left the company which gave me a release and joined another company. Now I have been working in the company for one year. Since I joined the company they didn’t give me any rest day or off, and I am working more than 10 hours everyday. And there is no extra pay or overtime pay.

Even Ramadan or Eid I worked like normal days. I am always asking them about day off but they are saying they are looking for new staff. Now the company wants me to sign a contract, I asked them why only now they are giving me a contract after my one year.

They have written in the contract that I started only in May this year, and also my salary in the contract is not correct. So I told them I will not sign because it’s clear in the contract the number of hours of duty and the rules of Kuwait that they are not following. I didn’t sign the contract and I filed a resignation letter. I don’t want a release I want to go home. Now I have rendered already one month after I submitted resignation paper. But the company is ignoring me. Every time asking about the update there is no reply from them. My Civil ID will expire next month and they didn’t do anything. I really want to go out of this company. I will appreciate if you can give me advice what is better to do. Thank you.

Name withheld

Answer: Just file a case against the company at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Office in your area before your residence expires and offers the company an opportunity to play mischief with your situation.

In deed since you are not looking for a transfer but just a chance to go back to your country, your case is just a straight forward one and the worst case scenario will be that you will be asked to put in the three-month mandatory notice period if your request to go back to your country is not granted immediately. In this case, the company will be compelled to put your papers in order to enable you to offer your services to them for the three months.

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