Philippine Embassy in Kuwait Reminds OFW To Renew Passport 6 Months Before Expiry

Through a Facebook post, the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait raised a reminder to all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) regarding the six-month rule of your passport.

Image Source/Philippine Embassy Kuwait Facebook Page

What is the six-month rule?

  • You will not be allowed to travel if your passport is about to expire within the span of 6 months. To avoid any hassle, renew your passport seven months to one year before its expected expiration.

With the said rule, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who will be returning to the Philippine for good or just for vacation needs to renew their passport 7 months to one year before it expires.

Filipino passengers will not be allowed to leave Kuwait Airport and other airports in the world if the passport validity is six months and below.

To avoid experiencing difficulties when you travel, you will need to have at least seven months to one year before expiration. Therefore, you need to renew it before the said months.

Image Source/Philippine Embassy Kuwait Facebook Page

“Wag kalimutan, sampung taon naang bias ng iniisyungpasaporte ng DFA!” it says in a post.

Before booking an international flight, be sure to check the validity of your passport as it might be ready for renewal. The processing time of passport renewal when you do it abroad is much longer than in the Philippines. Embassies will still have to forward applications to their DFA office in Manila and will be shipped per batch abroad.


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