Minister in Kuwait Conveys Condolences Over The Passing Of Filipina Jeanelyn Villavende

The Finance Minister conveyed her sorrow following the demise of a Filipina domestic helper in Kuwait, last month.

Finance Minister and Acting State Minister for Economic Affairs Miriam Al-Aqeel said in a statement that Kuwait law is applicable to all nationalities.

Finance Minister and Acting State Minister for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel ( Photo via Arabtimesonline )

“Kuwait is a nation of institutions, where the law is applicable to all – nationals and expatriates alike,” she said. Filipina domestic helper Jeanelyn Villarvende allegedly lost her life in the hands of her own employer who treated her badly until her last breath.

The minister further said that she is confident in the justice system of Kuwait. “The Kuwaiti justice system, an impartial safe haven for nationals and expatriates.”

Kuwait is home to thousands of migrant workers from different countries all over the world because of its ‘lucrative employment destinations due to the freedom, security, and protection of rights it offers to these employees,’ as reported by Arab Times.

“Incidents may occur from time to time but these are few in comparison to the size of the migrant labor employed in the country,” the minister added.

“Some might use these incidents to exacerbate the situation or attempt to drive a wedge between Kuwait and any labor-exporting nation.”

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