Filipina in Kuwait Illegally Terminated By Employer Sent Home Without Salary, Even Pays Her Own Plane Ticket

A Filipina in Kuwait was sent home by her employers but her salary for two months was used to buy her plane ticket.

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According to the OFW, she was sent home by her employer because they will have to reduce their staff in the beauty parlor. However, it turns out that she will be the one to pay for her plane ticket, something that must be shouldered by the employer.

The OFW identified as Irene Domingo had been working with her employer in Kuwait for 4 months as a beautician. The Filipina faced an illegal termination of contract and her salary was even used to pay for her plane ticket.

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Since the OFW was illegally terminated, her agency must assist her especially when it comes to getting her placement fee as she was not able to complete her contract. Her plane ticket which was supposed to be shouldered by her employer was also paid by the Filipina.

The OFW from Bacolod was thankful that she received advice from an online personality Ka Bong. He was able to answer the questions of the OFW and advised her to claim her two-month salary as well as the placement fee that she paid or be deployed to another country for free as it is their responsibility as a recruitment agency to find her a stable job abroad until her two-year contract expires.

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