Teenager Suspect of Jullebee Ranara Case, Sentenced to Imprisonment

A teenager in Kuwait was sentenced to imprisonment for taking the life of a Filipina domestic worker.

A 16-year-old Kuwaiti boy who was accused of raping and killing a Filipina worker (Jullebee Ranara) has been jailed by the Criminal Court. When the offender found out that the Filipina became pregnant as a result of what he did, he did the unthinkable to the poor Filipina. The incident took place in Barr Al Salmi.

Last January 21, the body of the Filipina, burnt, was found on Barr Al-Salmi Road and it was reported to authorities.

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The victim was identified as a lady in her thirties after examination and evidence gathering. The person was of Filipino nationality and had been reported missing, according to further research.

She had been the victim of rape, brutality, and ultimately death. Her pregnancy had been confirmed by a forensic investigation.

After a thorough investigation, the perpetrator—a young Kuwaiti—was captured. In an effort to hide his involvement in the victim’s illegitimate pregnancy, he admitted to perpetrating the crime.

Source Arabtimes 

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