KD990 to KD1200 Increased Recruitment Fees For Hiring Filipino Domestic Helpers To Kuwait

After a series of talks between the Philippines and Kuwait when it comes to the recruitment of Filipino domestic helpers, they finally met with certain regulations to protect the welfare of every OFW.

According to local news outlet Arab Times, a new batch of Filipino workers will be deployed starting next month. There are also sources claiming that there will be an increase in recruitment fees from KD990 to KD1,200. This increase is set to cover losses in case the worker refuses to continue with the contract on the same employer.

Furthermore, the new agreement also prohibits the transfer of domestic helpers to another employer except those coming from Al Dura Company.

For situations in which a worker refuses to continue with their work, the agency will be responsible for providing for the cost of returning to their home country. They should also return the expense of the employer if such an incident happens.

“There are routine procedures that follow the signing of the agreement to bring domestic workers from the Philippines which may take about 10 days, we are expecting that the recruitment procedures will return with ease as It was before the beginning,” says Khaled Al-Dokhnan, head of the Kuwaiti Federation of Owners of Home Labor Offices in Kuwait.

It is said that as the holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching, more Kuwaitis are in need of domestic helpers to cope with the activities during they perform during those days.


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