PCR Test Cost for Departures Between 10 KD – 20 KD

Kuwait will start allowing expatriates back to the country this coming August 1, as commercial flights are gradually returning to its normal operations.

However, all travelers will be required to obtain a CERTIFIED PCR TEST CERTIFICATE to prove that they are free from COVID-19. This certificate will not be offered for free. Travelers will have to pay a minimum amount of 10 dinars to 20 dinars.

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The payment for this certificate will have to undergo standardization by the General Administration of Civil Aviation and will be approved by the Ministry of Health.

Kuwaiti nationals and expats who wish to return to Kuwait will have to secure a health certificate to be obtained from accredited health centers abroad, 4 days before their scheduled departure. It is not necessary to contact the Kuwait embassy and consulate before obtaining the documents to avoid a huge crowd. The “Sholnik” app will be available for expats and returning Kuwaitis. By installing the app, you will stay updated on the rules set by the Ministry of Health.

A health laboratory will also be placed in Kuwait airports, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health so travelers can readily obtain the health certificate.

Source Arab times 

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