Kuwait to Stop The Issuance of Work Permit To More Than 68,000 Expatriates

The Public Authority for Manpower is starting to prepare a database for expatriates ages 60 years old and holders of high school diplomas or lesser.

A huge cut in the number of expatriates in Kuwait will happen very soon as the government will start to refuse the issuance of work permits for certain groups of expats. The decision mandates the prohibition of the transfer, issue, and renewal of work permits of expats over 60 years old and holders of high school diplomas or lesser. This new rule will start next year.

It is expected that a total of 68,318 expatriates will be affected as the government aims to address the recurring problem of imbalances of expats and Kuwaiti nationals in the country. This said demographic imbalance created a great impact on the labor department.

The government also clarified that those workers falling in the said age group whose work permit has already expired this year, whose age is 59 to 60, can only transfer or renew their visa for one year only. All the necessary procedures will put to stop by January 1, 2021, to allow them to wrap up their jobs in Kuwait.

Source | Arab times

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