The Sad Story Of A Little Girl Who Lost Her Mother To COVID And Got Abandoned By Her Father

Nothing seems to be more devastating than losing your parents at a very young age. But this little Filipina girl seems to be taking the tough road when she was abandoned by her father and her mother got infected with COVID-19.

Evin just turned one year old last May but her situation in life is already very tough. The mother of Evin identified only as Mary Chris, 38 years old, was left by her husband when she was still pregnant with Evin.

As cruel as it is already, Mary got infected with COVID-19. Fortunately, one of Mary’s colleagues had the heart to look over Evin. Jessi and Mary were neighbors for 6 years and colleagues.

But the husband of Mary and the father of Evin is nowhere to be found. He already traveled back to the Philippines to escape his responsibilities to his child and wife.

The people who knew him personally in Kuwait couldn’t reach his phone number, determined to escape from his family.

When Mary contracted the deadly virus, she had to stay inside their house for home quarantine. But on the 8th day, she had difficulty breathing and was taken to the hospital. She asked Jessi to take care of her daughter while she is in the hospital.

Mary stayed in the hospital for the whole month but she succumbs to death on July 3. Mary was then buried in a cemetery in Kuwait, 5 days after her death.

Now, Evin is left without her parents. Although Jessi is taking care of her and some friends are rendering their help for Evin’s needs, Jessi asked for help from the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait to reach the grandmother of Evin in the Philippines so she can be with her real family.

“Evin misses her mother, when I sit with her and I show her videos and pictures of her mother she starts calling out for her mother (Mama, Mama),” says Jessi.

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