Confusing and Fears Arise On The Decision To Reject The Renewal of Residence Permits To Expats 60-Years-Old and Above

Recently, the Kuwait government mandated that expats who are 60-years old and above will be prohibited from renewing their work permits if they are not university graduates.

In line with this decision, it is expected that thousands of expats who are already living and working in Kuwait will be affected. 60-years-old expats are still waiting for the cancellation of the said decision but they are yet to receive a positive note on the matter. They are also having confusion if the decision will push through or not.

According to reports, the labor administration already received a number of requests regarding the renewal of their residence permits but they were rejected. These applicants are 60 years old and above. The automated system didn’t give permits and was not provided with a satisfactory answer aside from getting provided with a 3-month extension through the help of the Ministry of Interior.

A group of expats affected by the said decision said that the continuous delay is confusing their lives as well as their future in the country. There are some affected expats that have been staying in Kuwait with their families.

One affected expat confessed that he arrived in Kuwait in the 1960s and since been living with his family, kids, and kids of their children. However, the new decision will change their entire lives.

“During the past year, my daughter obtained admission to Kuwait University, and during the past months, I transferred her residence under the university’s sponsorship and she is now residing in the female students’ dormitory, but I will leave for home with my family,” says one expat.

Two sisters who are also more than 60-years old are having difficulties because although they have a company share of 49%, they cannot meet the required capital of investors which is 100,000 dinars.

Once their residence permit expires, expats who cannot renew it will be asked to pay 2 dinars per day for their illegal stay in the country. They will also be at risk of deportation.

Source Arabtimes

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