Increasing Number Of Domestic Helpers Running Away From Their Employer’s House Alarms Kuwait Authorities

Following the implementation of the partial and total curfew in Kuwait, the country has recorded an alarming number of domestic workers fleeing from their employer’s house due to the increase of household work assigned to them throughout the entire day.

Because of the presence of the entire family during the lockdown, the household responsibilities of domestic helpers inevitably gets increased. It is said that these workers transferred to another field of work.

It was also found out, according to reports that these workers even have expired work permits but were still pushed to continue their domestic jobs due to the suspension of recruitment or non-resumption of international flights from countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Philippines.

The Ministry of Interior already arrested some domestic workers who were caught violating their work permits. They will be undergoing legal measures against the agency and their sponsors as well.

Source Arab times 


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