High Demand of Filipino Domestic Workers in Kuwait Results To Higher Recruitment Costs

How much is the cost of recruiting Filipino domestic helpers to Kuwait?

Recently, the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers has begun to meet the demands in the Kuwaiti market. However, the high demand for these workers also led to a much higher cost of recruitment.

According to sources, the current price range of recruiting Filipino domestic workers is KD1,400 to KD1,600. This already includes the office cost and another cost for institutional quarantine, plane ticket, and the PCR Tests.

These costs are shouldered by the sponsor. But if he decides to bring the domestic helper to Kuwait without going through an agency, the cost would be KD890 which sums up all the expenses. He also needs to secure the passport of the worker. However, directly recruiting a foreign domestic helper will place no guarantee on the worker in case she decides to run away from her employer or she refuses to work.

The recruitment of Filipino workers was resumed following the number of flights from the Philippines to Kuwait since May 2021. In September, there are currently 10 scheduled trips and this number is expected to rise as the demand for domestic workers rises in Kuwait.

Source TimesKuwait 

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