Filipino Couple Operating a ‘Dental Clinic’ in Kuwait Arrested, To Be Deported

A Filipino couple was arrested in Kuwait after they were caught operating an illegal
“dental clinic” inside their apartment.

According to reports, the couple who are both Filipino was caught red-handed by the Hawalli police. It is said that the man was working in a contracting company while his wife is a housewife and doesn’t have a degree or license to work as a dentist.

The arrest of the Filipino couple happened following an Egyptian national who informed the authorities about their illegal activities. Additionally, their “dental clinic” inside an apartment caused inconvenience to other people residing in the building.

After the raid, the 40-year-old husband together with his wife was arrested and tools being used to operate in their ‘clinic’ were taken by the police.

The couple was then interrogated and admitted that they have been doing ‘dentist work’ even without a license for a much lower cost.

They are now awaiting deportation and their names and identities will be written into the list of individuals that will not be allowed to enter Kuwait again.

Source Arabtimes

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