Sponsor Takes Filipino Maid To The Hospital After Molesting Her

A Filipino maid in Kuwait alleged her sponsor of s3xually harassing her while his wife was not home.

According to reports, a 32-year-old Filipino maid alleged her sponsor of molesting her as soon as his wife and kids were out of the home. But when the Filipina started to bleed, the sponsor who molested her personally took her to the hospital.

The condition of the Filipina is critical, the reason why she got admitted to the intensive care unit of the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital.

As for her sponsor, he was referred to the police for proper interrogation. The maid will also be taken to the Forensics Department to acquire necessary evidence of sexual molestation.

The victim claimed that the sponsor forcedly molested her despite her efforts to stop the grave misconduct. All of these allegedly happened while his children and wife were not at home.

But one important detail of this case was that the employer who is also the culprit personally took the Filipina to the hospital. This could be because the employer got scared that the victim will bleed to death or his conscience struck him.

Source Arabtimes

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