Justice Served After 8 Years – Filipina Who Almost Passed Away in Kuwait Finally Returns To The Philippines

On October 1, 2012, a Filipina in Kuwait hang on her life after she was stabbed multiple times and sexually abused. The incident took place in the South Surra desert where she was left almost dead near a highway.

Fortunately, the Filipina survived and returned back to the Philippines after 8 years of fighting for the justice she deserves.

The OFW identified only as Marissa, 35 years old from South Cotabato bordered the Kuwait Airways which is a chartered flight that was organized by the Al Tayer Travels.

Newly designated Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Mohd. Noordin Pendosina N. Lomondot sees off “Marissa,” an Overseas Filipino Worker who won her rape and frustrated case against a Kuwaiti traffic officer, during a call at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait on 23 November 2020. / Via DFA

“I’m filled with mixed emotions. I can’t explain what I feel right now. I’m filled with happiness and at the same time nostalgic, looking back at the eight years of fighting for justice. Finally, justice is served,” says Marissa, with eyes filled with tears.

In June 2014, the traffic policeman, convicted of the hideous act to Marissa was sentenced to death. However, it is said that the original sentence was lowered into life imprisonment after the legal counsel of the perpetrator appealed for leniency at the Court of Appeals.

“I would like to thank Atty. Sheikha Fawzia Al-Sabah volunteered to take my case and be my lawyer. Thank you to the Philippine Embassy, to Ambassador Mohd Noordin Pendosina Lomondot, Vice Consul Adrian Baccay, Vice Consul Charleson Hermosura, and the rest of the embassy staff,” says the Filipina.

The Filipina also thanked other Philippine staff who helped her to obtain justice.

“To the POLO-OWWA, Assistant Labour Attache Cathy Duladul, Welfare Officer Atty Llewelyn Perez, Welfare Officer Jingles, and all the staff. To all those who helped me in this fight for justice,” she added.

Marissa first went to Kuwait on September 12, 2006, for a job as a household service worker for three years. After that, she worked at a dress shop located in Farwaniya.

According to the OFW, the incident took place on the evening of September 30, together with a female friend, they went to a mall and took a cab after. On their way home, they were stopped by a traffic policeman who asked for her residence visa. Unfortunately, Marissa’s visa was expired four days ago and her employer was still renewing it.

The policeman let go of Marissa’s friend but she was taken into the police car. Marissa thought that she will be taken to the police station. But instead, she was taken into a deserted area where she was raped and stabbed many times.

Clinging to her life, Marissa crawled into the roadside to ask for help and a passing car saw her. She was taken into the Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital.

“It was a tough fight but what kept me strong was my faith in God. There were times I felt like giving up but I prayed more for God to give me enough strength to go on. This is my second life. I would have been dead in the desert at that time but thank God, I’m alive. It may have been a tough and lonely fight but it was all worth it. We have to stand up for our rights. To all the women who have been raped and are victims of violence and abuses, we should not be afraid to speak up and fight,” says Marissa.

Source (s)  DFA  Arab times 

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