A Domestic Helper Found Drunk Inside Employer’s House

A domestic worker was found drunk with a locally-made alcoholic beverage in Kuwait.

Kuwait, together with other Muslim countries, has made it clear to other nationalities that the manufacturing, selling, and consumption of alcoholic beverages is highly prohibited in the country. However, over the years, there are still a lot of nationalities who are eager to bypass the laws involving the consumption of alcohol.

Recently, a domestic worker who remains unidentified was in police custody after consuming an alcoholic beverage that was made illegal in the country.

The Ministry of Interior operations department was informed of a woman who is posing a threat to the household where she was employed together with her employer’s children. Immediately, police authorities made a visit to the said residence and they found the domestic worker in an ‘abnormal condition’.

As solid proof of consuming alcohol, the police found a bottle of alcoholic beverage allegedly consumed by the domestic worker.

The identity and nationality of the domestic worker remain unknown.

Kuwait law clearly states that any form of consumption, manufacturing, and selling of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in the country. Those who will be caught bypassing the law will be subjected to imprisonment, fines, and deportation for ex-pats.

Source ArabTimes

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