OFW in Kuwait Punched For Asking a Man To Wear Face Mask

A Filipino man was punched in the face by a local national after asking the latter to wear a face mask.

The Kuwaiti police are looking for the unidentified man who entered a café near Alfa Fuel Station where the Filipino was working. The OFW asked the local to wear a face mask, which is ideally recommended according to the health protocols.

It is said that the locals felt insulted and started to assault the Filipino worker. The victim already filed a complaint against the local whose name remains to be unknown. He also submitted a medical report to support his claims of assault.

As Kuwait opens its doors to the return of ex-pats into the country, it is expected that the number of COVID-19 cases will increase in no time.

Because of this, it is important to understand that the health protocols mandated by the government should be strictly followed at all times. Wearing a face mask is necessary when you are outside, more importantly, in crowded places.

Social distancing should also be followed so as to ensure that you will not contract COVID-19. The growing number of casualties all over the world should serve as a strong reminder that this virus should not be taken for granted.

Source GulfNews

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