Resumption of the Recruitment of Filipino Domestic Helpers to Kuwait, Nearing

The Filipino and Kuwaiti domestic labor recruitment offices are tidying up the proceedings of the recruitment of Filipino domestic helpers into the Gulf region.

In a meeting which was held through Zoom, the two parties discussed the current issues to prepare for the resumption of the hiring of Filipino domestic workers.

Another meeting which will be held on March 9 will tackle the important factors regarding the resumption of the hiring of Filipino workers. A representative from the domestic labor recruitment offices will participate in the meeting.

It is also thought that a liaison officer should be selected in order to follow up the contracts and implement strict compliance with rules among employers.

After the mechanism that mandates the implementation of the new guidelines gets finalized, new contracts will finally get drafted and the recruitment of Filipino domestic helpers will resume. All of these activities will be cooperated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs especially in the implementation of the ‘Besalamah’ platform as well as the release of new visas to be done by the Ministry of Interior.

Source Arabtimes

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