Philippine Embassy in Kuwait in Full Swing To Cater 15,000 Filipino Passport Applicants

A huge number of Filipinos went to the Kuwaiti Disabled Sports Club in Kuwait to renew their passports over the weekend.

Approximately 15,000 Filipino expatriates applied for the renewal of their passports, says Philippine Ambassador Mohamed Noordin Pendosina Lomondot.

This number of applicants piled up due to the closure of offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also because of the transfer of the Philippine Embassy. Failure to renew passports before their due date will prompt fees that will be charged to violators.

In response to the huge number of applicants, the Philippine Embassy is in full swing to respond to the needs of everyone. On Friday, 1,200 transactions were successfully completed and another 1,600 transactions were completed on the following day.

Lomondot also noted that the issuing of passports to Filipinos and the approval process takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is advised to renew passports months before it expires to avoid paying violation fees.

Furthermore, the new Philippine Embassy office will be situated in the Messila area, near Jumeirah Hotel. The Philippine official expressed his gratefulness to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait for the facilities that they have provided for the Philippine Embassy and the Filipino community.

Source Arabtimes

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