“Blood for Blood” – Statement of DFA Secretary Locsin Draw “Dismay and Condemnation” Towards Kuwait Government

The statement of Foreign Affairs Secretary with regards to the case of Jeanelyn Villavende, the OFW who lost her life in the hands of her employers, drew “dismay and condemnation” within the Kuwaiti government.

“Blood for blood” – these were the words of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. that draw ire reaction from the Kuwait government.

According to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the remarks of Locsin “contained an unacceptable transgression against jurisdictions of Kuwaiti security and judicial authorities,” and “unusual approach in dealing with countries.”

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“It runs counter to the simplest rules of international relations,” says a state-run Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

“The Filipino secretary’s remark represents an attempt to influence the ongoing investigations. Kuwait is known for its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all who live on its soil and punishing law violators in accordance with the provisions of the country’s laws and in a manner that guarantees the rule of law and justice for all,” it added.

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The latest tweet of Locsin stated that he wants “two lives” over the passing of Villavende and rejected any forms of compensation and blood money offered by the accused to the family of the bereaved.

“There will be blood @DFAPHIL for Jeanelyn Villavende. I renounce & reject any offer of blood money for her t*rt*re and m*urd*r. I want two lives for the life they took,” says the DFA secretary.

Locsin will also fire DFA staff who will suggest blood money to resolve the issue of the OFW.

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“If I catch anyone in @DFA making that suggestion they’re fired. I will not accept improvement in Kuwait’s labor standards either. All I care about is blood for blood,” says Locsin.

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