Filipino and Local National Tries To Smuggle Liquor in Kuwait

Any type of alcoholic beverage in Kuwait and most countries in the Middle East is highly prohibited. However, there are still individuals who try to get their hands with it.

The yacht of a famous celebrity in Kuwait has been seized because it contained several kinds of alcoholic beverages. A total of 693 bottles and liquor have been seized after inspection throughout the yacht.

Onboard the yacht was a Filipino and a Kuwaiti national.

Image from Arabtimes Kuwait

In line with this, the General Administration of Customs Director-General Suleiman Al-Fahd was delighted with the customs employee’s vigilance in checking for these illegal items that are smuggled into the country.

The people who were involved in the said incident were referred to the appointed authorities to face legal actions.

Understanding the Alcohol Laws in Kuwait

Just like any other Middle East country, Kuwait is following a strict law concerning the use of alcoholic beverages. But for foreigners, the alcohol laws in Kuwait might be a bit confusing. Here are some important facts that expats need to know when it comes to alcohol consumption and possession in Kuwait.

Can I Drink Alcohol in Kuwait?

On all points, alcohol is PROHIBITED in Kuwait. You cannot purchase alcoholic drinks in Kuwait at stores or hypermarkets because ‘it is prohibited by law’ and the ‘import, export, buy, sell or carry of alcoholic drinks are totally not allowed.

However, it is very hard to monitor every person in Kuwait especially if they are inside their private residences. This is when illegal purchases and activities take place.

How Much Is The Fine For Drinking Alcoholic Beverages?

For first-time offenders, you will be let off with a warning and a fine of up to KD50. For repeat offenders, you will most likely receive 6 months of jail term or deportation for expats.

Source Arabtimes Kuwait 

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