Young Children Weeps As Their OFW Nanny Leaves Them To Return to the Philippines

Most of the time, we see Filipino domestic helpers being treated badly by their employers. They are maltreated and abused by their employer. Their dream of giving a brighter future for their family vanished in thin air.

But there’s still a good number of Filipino workers who can attest that working abroad is not all bad. That there are employers who treat you like family in return for serving them and treating them like your own.

There are even employers who shed tears whenever their Filipina workers leave them. The children of employers also share the sadness especially because Filipina helpers are naturally caring and very attentive when it comes to their wards.

In a video that was shared on Facebook, two young children weep as they bid goodbye to the Filipina who took care of them for years. They didn’t want to let go of the Filipina and kept on pulling her luggage so she won’t leave them.

This is such as emotional moment knowing that these foreigners are attached to someone, not from their country, and treats her as their own family.

This is a good example that God answers prayers. No matter where you are, just trust to Him that he will guide you to the right employer for you.

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