“We Are Just Friends” : The Viral OFW Who Was Found In A Relationship With Another Man Through TikTok Airs Her Side Of The Story

Following the story of the OFW who was found cheating with another man thanks to TikTok, she was able to air her side of the story. She denied that they have a relationship with the man she was with on TikTok.

According to Jinky Duran, they were just friends. The ‘HAPPY 4TH YEAR’ greeting in her TikTok videos was actually to celebrate their friendship. Even the hearts she placed on those videos were all because she love the Indian man ‘as a friend.’

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The OFW kept denying that they have a relationship despite all the proof that was shown and how sweet they were in the photos. Jinky still insisted that they were just friends and do not have any romantic relationship.

Jinky’s words are hard to believe because of all the photos and the comments left by some of her friends on TikTok.

But for her daughter, Lovelycel Duran, all she wants is for her mother to return to them. Despite all the trouble, she still wants to be with her mother.

Jinky promised to return to the Philippines as soon as possible but she cannot give the exact date. If can’t return as soon as possible, she will be deported.

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