To all Filipono’s in Kuwait wanted to remind you the advisory of Philippine Embassy in Kuwait last April 2021  regarding Tiktok. It’s been notice that Tiktok users now in Kuwait specialy Filipinos are too active. Please read the advisory and apply it to yourself if your on Tiktok.

The Philippine Embassy reminds the Filipino community in Kuwait to respect the laws and traditions in Kuwait, and be mindful of the cultural and religious sensitivities of Kuwaitis.

The Embassy issued this advisory following a viral video on the Chinese video-sharing app Tiktok, which shows seven Filipina amnesty grantees who were dancing at a public school that was converted to a temporary shelter for Kuwait’s amnesty program.

The Embassy also received one case of a Filipina domestic worker who was physically reprimanded by her employer for posting her dance video on Tiktok to the tune of the Brandon Beal song “Twerk It Like Miley.”

The Philippine government negotiated with the Kuwaiti government to allow Filipino domestic workers to keep their mobile phones with them to allow our kababayan to connect with their loved ones in the Philippines, and not to make unacceptable social media posts for the world to see.

The said incidents should serve as a reminder to all Filipinos in Kuwait to act in accordance to the laws and culture of the Kuwaiti people.

Source Kuwait PH Embassy 

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