Filipino Taxi Driver Waiting For Passenger Outside Supermarket in Kuwait, Stabbed By Supermarket Staff

A stabbing incident took place in Kuwait last Tuesday. The victim is a Filipino taxi driver and the assailants were some staff of a supermarket.

Wilgrie Gapas works as a taxi driver in Kuwait. One day, he was outside a supermarket, waiting for his passenger who went in and shop. However, in an aim to shoo him away, the Indian supermarket manager and two other staff stabbed him in his leg.

According to Gapas, last Ramadan, some Filipino taxi drivers suffered the same faith as he had. Gapas narrated that fellow taxi drivers were merely waiting for customers outside Ambassador Supermarket but the store manager ordered them to leave. The taxi drivers refused to follow their commands and a heated argument arose. Unfortunately, one of the taxi drivers was mobbed and beat up by some store staff.

Last Tuesday, the same thing happened to Gapas. He was ordered to leave the area but he is hesitant because his passenger is still inside the store buying some goods.

Wilgrie Gapas, a Filipino taxi driver ( Image from TimesKuwait )

“I don’t know what was wrong, I was not inside the store but waiting for my passenger who was inside and doing her groceries. I tried to explain to the manager that I was not there to pick passengers, yet he insisted I leave,” Gapas explained.

As soon as the manager came back, he was with other three of his staff, all carrying knives. Upon sensing the danger of the situation, Gapas ran to try to escape the assault. Unfortunately, Gapas tripped and fell down. This gave the supermarket staff a chance to mob him and stabbed him in his leg.

Gapas was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken bone and a stab wound located on the leg. The employer of Gapas already filed a complaint against the supermarket.

“Investigators came to get my statement yesterday and I told them the whole incident, witnesses also are currently being investigated and statements are being gathered to file an attempted murder charge on the assailants,” Gapas said.

The Philippine Ambassador in Kuwait and the Assistance Labor Attaché are already looking into the case.

Source TimesKuwait

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