Awareness on the Domestic Labor Law Being Pushed in Kuwait

The Kuwait Union of Domestic Labor Offices led by Chairman Khaled Al-Dakhnan wants to strengthen the knowledge and awareness of domestic labor offices, citizens, and expatriates when it comes to the terms mandated by the domestic employment contract in line with the Domestic Labor Law of Kuwait.

Al-Dakhnan pointed this out during a meeting which was held together with Filipino Labor Attache Nasser Mustafa. According to him, the education or awareness of the rights and duties of domestic workers will help avoid problems in the future.

A joint workshop will be organized to properly explain the provisions of the law to all the involved parties including the workers and the domestic labor offices. It is also expected that the Philippine Embassy together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will constantly hold a meeting to check on the latest developments with regards to the memorandum of understanding on domestic workers as well as the necessary updates.

Al Dakhnan also said that the Kuwaiti law is known as one of the best international laws when referring to the recruitment of domestic workers, because “it grants domestic workers unprecedented rights while protecting the dignity and rights of these workers at all levels.”

According to the data from the Domestic Labor Department, the overall number of Filipino domestic workers were decreased by 2,543 in the first three months of 2021. Although there is a decline in number, Filipinos rank second when it comes to the number of domestic workers in Kuwait.

Source Arabtimes 

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