Missing Names, Misspelled Names on Vaccination Certificates – Several Problems Arise in Kuwait Airport

Recently, there has been a crisis that’s taking place among Kuwaiti citizens and ex-pats after airport authorities discovered that the names in their passports and their vaccination certificates are different.

Their names are either misspelled while the names of other travelers are missing from the Ministry of Health and the Public Authority for Civil Information.

The said problem was encountered by several passengers going to London. Security alerts were triggered because those vaccinated passengers with approved vaccines will get exempted from the quarantine procedure. A lot of passengers going to Britain were prompted to return to the airport because they were not allowed to board their flights because of the differences in their names on the passport and their vaccination certificated. They were in total dismay because the names in their visa as well as their PCR certificates are all the same as the names found on their passports.

One common error encountered was the absence of their first names on their vaccination certificates or there are mismatched names on their old date.

According to the passengers, they were able to lose a huge amount of money on the hotel, air tickets, taxis, and PCR test when they were not allowed to depart.

Source Arabtimes


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