Gay Men Imitating Females Were Arrested in Kuwait

Gay men were arrested after they were found out to be running a massage parlor and imitating and acting like females. The Public Authority for Manpower together with the Ministry of Interior led by Muhammad Al-Dhafiri arrested the said violators.

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The arrested individuals will be taken in custody by the designated authorities at the Ministry of Interior as they will face legal measures. Moreover, the files of these violating parlors will be put to a halt and necessary measures will be taken against them. They will receive Code 73 until such time that these violating workers get expelled. Until such time that no immoral work is being carried out by these parlors, they will finally be reopened for business.

Image from Arabtimes

Homosexuality is highly forbidden in Islamic countries like Kuwait. Such activities mentioned above, therefore, are prohibited and punishable by law. However, despite all the warnings, homosexuals still exist in Kuwait and in most parts of the Middle East. In fact, they are many of them. Most Arab countries like Bahrain, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Qatar, Morocco, Somalia, Oman, Tunisia, Syria, and Kuwait impose imprisonment on those who are caught as homosexuals. In Bahrain, you can go to prison for up to 10 years for being gay. Meanwhile, sodomy in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, and Yemen are punishable by death.

Image from Arabtimes

Source Arabtimes

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