Cheating OFW Busted Thanks To Her Own TikTok Videos

Because of TikTok, the infidelity of this Overseas Filipino Worker was busted and her family in the Philippines finally knew about her relationship with an Indian national.

Usually, one of your aims when your work abroad is to provide financial stability to your family. However, some OFWs tend to forget this goal once they experience life abroad.

Bob Duran was devastated to see his wife Jinky Duran in the hands of another man while working in Kuwait. As it turns out, Jinky has been in a relationship with another man for four years already.

In some of her TikTok videos, they are very intimate and loving. This is happening, despite being legally married to Bob Duran in the Philippines.

Bob isn’t the only one affected by the infidelity of Jinky. Their children who also saw the TikTok videos of their mother with another man couldn’t help but feel sad and helpless knowing that their family has broken apart.

Lovelycel Duran wishes to see her mother once again despite what she has done to their family.

Bob Duran is asking for help from the TV show Raffy Tulfo in Action to deport his wife. According to him, even though their family will never be the same again, he wants his children to be with their mother.

Raffy Tulfo in Action promised to help the husband of the OFW.

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