Insurance Premium for Expatriates is Expected to Raise to as much as KD 130 by 2020

Insurance premium for expatriates is expected to rise to as much as KD 130 by 2020.

According to several sources, the Dhaman hospitals company, as well as the health ministry, is expected to implement a health insurance premium amounting to KD 130 each patient including expatriates working in the private sector as well as their children.

The said insurance will cover expenses for examinations including medicine and x-ray. However, there are no indications as to those expatriates on a visit visa if they can actually benefit from the said insurance. For their beneficiaries, it will depend on the company that issued the family members a dependent visa.

Furthermore, the new insurance premium will be announced through a media campaign. The mechanism of health insurance as well the treatment will be heard in public soon. It is also said that current pricing at Dhaman clinics is almost similar to those in the private health sector.

Kuwait is home to thousands of expatriates and the number keeps on growing every year. Even though there are a number of cases of bad-treated Filipina domestic helpers in the country and it was also named as one of the worst countries for expatriates, a lot of Filipinos still believe that working in the country could provide a better future for their family in the Philippines.

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