Expat Deported After Entering A House in Kuwait To Meet A Domestic Helper

In Kuwait, and other Muslim countries, it is illegal for a male and female to perform sexual activities outside marriage. Male and females are also not allowed to meet inside closed areas especially when they are alone. Violators will be penalized by either jail imprisonment or deportation.

In Kuwait, an expat man was caught by police authorities after he illegally met a housemaid inside her sponsor’s house. The violator will be facing deportation as he was already handed by the chief of security in the Al Farwaniya governorate to the administrative deportation directorate.

According to reports, the police were able to receive a tip from a Kuwaiti resident that an expat was found inside the residence where he entered illegally to meet the housemaid.

The expat was caught inside the house and was handcuffed right away. Authorities also discovered that he was living in the said residence illegally, without the knowledge of the owners.

When asked about the reason for illegally entering the house, he just said that he wanted to meet the domestic helper. The nationality of the expat was not revealed together with her name and age.

Source KuwaitLocal

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