Expat Family Visas On Hold, Except for Certain Professions

Sources say that the Ministry of Interior, in order to curb the problem of those violating the law of residency, has not yet opened family visas to expatriates with the exception of some categories such as doctors. This is because the Ministry wants to cut down on the number of people who violate the law. These include individuals who have entered the country with different visa categories but did not leave when their visas expired.

According to them, the Ministry of Interior is determined, on the orders of Sheikh Talal al-Khaled as First Vice Prime Minister and Interior Minister, to eliminate the issue of those who violate the residency laws through the extensive security campaigns conducted by its sectors. The Residency Affairs Investigation Sector, which is responsible for arresting violators in the labor laws of all the governorates from the start of the year, has made this possible.

The number of violations in the country has decreased as a result. Sources confirmed that there are security campaigns underway in the entire country to arrest those who violate the laws of residency and employment. They added that the Ministry of Interior is working with all its sectors to curb marginal workers.

Source Arabtimes

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