WATCH: Man Hits Filipina Woman in Public

No matter the reason, it is wrong to hurt a woman. However, it seems like there are still a lot of men who are using their force to deal with women.

In a TikTok video, a man and a woman are seen having a confrontation in public. It seems like the woman is trying to get back her phone from the man but he was determined not to give it to her.

The incident that happened in Kuwait, near Old Souk, resulted in violence when the man hit the woman and he bumped her head on the door.

It was then that passersby tried to control the man from hurting the woman even more. The video ended up while the two are still arguing.

The woman was a Filipina and the man was a Kuwaiti. The source of their argument remains unknown.

In many countries, the rights of every women is hugely protected. There are laws that are being implemented to protect the welfare of women and their children. It is unclear if local authorities were called to intercede to the commotion.

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@yhanie2802 Kuwaity sinapak ang pinay old souk mrg #viral #trending #maretes ♬ original sound – mshane

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