Expat Drunk Driver in Kuwait Seen Driver in the Opposite Direction of the Road, Arrested

An expatriate in Kuwait was arrested over accusation of drunk driving. The incident was captured in a video.

In an alarming video, a truck was seen swerving in the road before hitting another vehicle. It was quite alarming because instead of stopping after he hit another vehicle, the driver decided to cross over the road island and went over to the opposite direction of the road.

You wouldn’t want to encounter a driver that’s careless enough to cause accidents and endanger the life of other people. No matter how careful you are, if there are drivers who do not practice defensive driving, your life will still be put to danger.

The incident which took place in Kuwait is spine-chilling considering that it happened during night time and other drivers who may not be aware that a truck is heading their way will be put to grave danger.

According to reports, the drunk driver of the truck, already have several cases under his name. He was arrested ad subject to legal proceedings.

Source ArabtimesOnline

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