Kuwaiti National Urges Married Filipina To Marry Him For Better Life. Will She Agree?

If someone wants to eagerly marry you and give you everything in life, would you agree?

This is the case that Maimona Abdullah is in.

A certain Aqeel Al Mashmoum went to the popular TV show, Raffy Tulfo in Action to seek help in finding his ‘fiancée’ whom he loves so much.

They were able to locate Maimona but unfortunately, she was married to another man. It turns out that the Filipina and the Kuwaiti national have separated for years but the latter couldn’t let go of their failed relationship.

According to Aqeel, he compromised a lot including his family in Kuwait to be with Maimona. He will lose a lot including his inheritance, family, work and he will be sent to prison if he fails to bring back the Filipina to Kuwait.

Aqeel asked the help Maimona resolve his issues, even resulting in a ‘contract marriage’ in which he promise Maimona’s husband that he will not ‘touch’ the Filipina. He will just bring her to Kuwait and see his family. Then, they will marry legally in Kuwait to avoid certain circumstances that will create trouble in Aqeel’s life.

But Maimona wouldn’t agree to this setup. She is determined to stay in the Philippines and be with her husband no matter how hard Aqeel tried to convince her. Aqeel even promised to give her a better life in Kuwait. According to Maimona, Aqeel has a bad attitude and often calls her names which she doesn’t like. This attitude convinced her that this man isn’t the right one for her.

In the end, Raffy Tulfo decided not to force Maimona into this situation. He will also get reprimanded for sending malicious messages to the family of Maimona’s husband.

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