Philippines is Close to Lift Temporary Ban on Sending Domestic Workers to Kuwait.

The temporary ban on sending domestic employees to Kuwait from the Philippines is about to be lifted.

With the stoppage of monthly remittances provided to workers’ families, the decision to halt was made without receiving any firm comments and also as a result of parliamentary pressure on the administration, according to Al Rai.

Yet, there are encouraging signs that the temporary ban would be lifted thanks to ongoing discussions between Filipino and Kuwaiti officials.

To address the easing of the ban on sending employees to Kuwait, the Filipino Minister of Migrant Labor, Susan Ople, has called a virtual meeting with authorized domestic labor agencies there.

The fate of the 516 domestic workers who are presently housed in a labor shelter in Kuwait will also be discussed at the conference, along with the need for white lists of committed offices and the new labor attaché in Kuwait’s assessment of recent events.

It can be recalled that a deployment ban was implemented for first-time, newly hired domestic workers in Kuwait following the passing of OFW Jullebee Ranara.

Source Arabtimes Kuwait 

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