Kuwait Eyes Visa Residency Rules Modification: Transferring Without Sponsor’s Permission

The Public Authority for Manpower is investigating the viability of allowing expatriate workers to transfer their residency directly from one employer to another without needing the approval of the original employer, according to Dr. Fahd Murad, the Acting Deputy Director for the Protection Sector Affairs at PAM, according to Al-Jarida daily.

This would be acceptable if it were established that the sponsor had broken any of the clauses specified in the employment contract or any of the rules outlined in Law No. (6/2010) regarding employment in the private sector.

Dr. Murad emphasized that the Authority is carefully examining a set of procedures intended to facilitate labor transfers between businesses in a press release during an introduction visual presentation held by the Authority.

These procedures are designed to ensure a fair balance, respecting the rights of both employers and employees without infringing upon or overstepping legal boundaries. He emphasized that maintaining equity in the labor equation is a priority for the Authority.

Regarding potential amendments to the Private Labor Law, Dr. Murad clarified that while there haven’t been any amendments thus far, the Commission is actively reviewing certain articles.

They are collecting information and observations to determine the necessity of amending the law. He noted that the Commission consistently gathers feedback from diplomatic missions’ representatives in Kuwait concerning their nationals’ labor rights, ensuring a careful and swift response.

Dr. Murad addressed the hiring of domestic workers and emphasized the government’s objective to broaden hiring prospects outside a select few nations in order to accommodate workers from different markets.

To address the need for domestic workers from citizens and residents, he disclosed plans to sign new memorandums of understanding with a number of East Asian nations.

Dr. Murad brought up the potential of scheduling complaint submissions through the authority’s computerized platform in relation to labor concerns, which would streamline the complaint procedure for both employees and employers.

The handling of complaints is being improved, and delays are being minimized. Plans are also being made to develop thorough individual worker files that will help resolve conflicts and labor issues.

Dr. Murad also spoke about initiatives being made to create a facility for male expatriate employees that would be comparable to the one already in place for women in the Jleeb region.

The International Labor Organization has been collaborated with on studies, plans, and initiatives in this area as part of a larger strategy to enhance shelter services for victims of human trafficking.

Colonel Abdulaziz Al-Kandari, the head of the Ministry of Interior’s Residency Affairs Investigations, emphasized that a recent operation led to the capture of a business that trafficked people and was in charge of bringing in more than 2,000 foreign workers.

The corporation forced these employees to take out loans and demanded cash from them to waive malicious absence reports; as a result, the Public Prosecution filed a lawsuit against the offenders.

Source Arabtimes

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