Huge Rise In Rents in Kuwait Has Made Life Difficult for Kuwaitis & Expats

How much does the average Flat nowadays in Kuwait? For New Building but small rooms its range 320 to 290 depends on location..

According  to Arabtimes  a number of Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates expressed their resentment over the greed of landlords who increase the rents exorbitantly without considering the fact that their tenants have limited income and such rent hikes add to their daily burdens in life. Some tenants said the rents of apartments are the highest in the world, urging the government to intervene in this issue and put an end to this negative phenomenon.

A Kuwaiti citizen Mahmoud Al-Ali revealed that he spends most of his income on the monthly rents, adding that he hopes the government will find a quick and lasting solution to the housing problem. Another citizen, Ahmad Al-Bousairi said it is not conceivable to pay rents reaching KD 700 per month. An expatriate said he rented a small apartment with one bedroom and a hall in Fintas for KD 90 per month.

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